Traditional Gel Polish Manicure


Gel manicure includes wet manicure consisting of soaking your hands in hot water to soften the skin around the nail, cleaning up the cuticle (dead tissue), filing, and buffing the natural nail, followed by an application of gel polish. Finished up with cuticle and nail oil conditioner and moisturizing hand massage.


Encapsulated Nails


Exclusive to my salon nail design technique. Also called aquarium nails. Embedding sparkles, designer decals, dried flowers, colored powders in between layers of builder gel. Fully personalized nails. One of a kind! 

Combination Drill Gel Manicure 


Drill dry manicure on natural nails a.k.a. Russian manicure. Include careful gel polish removal and gel polish application. No wetting hands, using drill beats on low setting and nippers to remove dead skin. Includes a hydrating hand massage.

Polygel Nails Full Set


Whether you like long or natural looking nails, polygel nails would be a great choice to create stronger and at the same time natural looking nails. Gel polish is included.